Social Media Resources

Click here for the Moral March Facebook Event

Use the hashtags #MoralMarch #MoralResistance

Moral March on Raleigh Flyers

Official Flyer

Click here to download the moral-march-official-flyer or the moral-march-official-flyer-black-and-white-version

Local Template Flyer

(add your transportation info to the flyer!)

Click here to download the moral-march-local-template-flyer

2/Page Flyer

(best for faith center bulletins)

Click here to download the moral-march-2up-color-version or the moral-march-2up-black-and-white-version

4/Page Flyer

(best for passing out to large crowds at events and rallies)

Click here to download the moral-march-4up-color-version or the moral-march-4up-black-and-white-version